Keefa Motor Tours is dedicated to providing you with the best tour in Kampala city on the back of a motorbike. We also perform the same tours by car in case one prefers to use a car instead of a motorbike. The prices and duration below are for tours by motorbike, for tours by car, please contact us and we plan for it.

Tour Prices

3 Hours

USD $30

5 Hours

USD $40

8 Hours

USD $50


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Kampala City Motorbike Tour Packages
Down Town Kampala

Duration: 1 Hour 30min

  • Fruits and Vegetable Market
  • Hindu Temple
  • Old Taxi Park (organized chaos)
  • Owino Market
Uptown Kampala

Duration: 1 Hour

  • Monuments and the history behind them
  • The Uganda Museum
  • Crafts Market
  • The Beverly Hills of Kampala
The Bahá'í Temple

Duration: 1 Hour

  • A visit to the mother temple in Africa which is one of the eight temples in the world.
Lake Victoria

Duration: 1 Hour 30min

  • Ggaba Beach
  • View of the Islands
  • Tilapia Fish
Kasubi Tombs

Duration: 1 Hour

  • A UNESCO world heritage center and burial site for the fallen kings of Buganda Kingdom
Gadhafi Mosque (360o view)

Duration: 1 Hour

  • A visit to the second largest mosque in Africa.
  • A view of the city and all the seven hills from above.
Buganda Kingdom

Duration: 1 Hour 30min

  • The kabaks's Lake
  • Idi Amin's torture chambers
  • The Royal mile
  • Banana Beer
  • The Buganda Parliament

We accept both Shillings and Dollars and the payment is made at the end of the tour.

Other Tours

We also offer other tours outside Kampala at a negotiable price, all you have to do is just contact us and we plan for those tours.

Airport Pick-up

Our airport pick-up service is affordable, please don't hesitate to contact us for the best deals.